Millie Bobby Brown sings ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon


Millie Bobby Brown only 16 years old, is one of the actresses most famous of the moment for his role as star in the series of Netflix ‘Stranger Things’. The character of Eleven has become the favorite of many people, however, the young actress is not a dish of good taste for many in the social networks.

The young man takes all his years of fame to suffer quite a few attacks on social networks, up until the point you decide to close your Twitter account. It was precisely in this social network that was revived recently, a video of the interpreter in 2016.

With the initiative of many celebrities to make a video set singer ‘Imagine’, a video of Millie Bobby Brown singing the song of John Lennon many years ago has become viral.

When the actress still had short hair after he shaved for the first season of ‘Stranger Things’ was recorded a video performing the song and web surfers who have discovered the video now takes several weeks laughing at her because of her singing voice.

Millie Bobby Brown is responding to harassing messages, and close the mouths uploading a new video to Tik Tok by singing again the song with your dog. The teenager has chosen to change the letter at the end to send a clear message: “I hope that some day you’ll join us and the world will stop mocking”.

The young woman comments on social networks will affect a lot and that through his Instagram tries to send positive messages and, in turn, raise awareness among their young fans that insulting someone is not the right way to act.

Although it has many followers that worship them, are still having to endure many comments on it that does not support and Millie Bobby Brown with only a 16-year-old is still learning to ignore them.