Nathalie Emmanuel: “This series is a fun way to escape the troubles of the world”

Four american friends are reunited in London, the city where they studied vowing to return, and where he now unleashed a string of romances, breakdowns and existential dilemmas and of the heart. Sweet and lightweight, the series Four weddings and a funeral -retains its original title in Latin america – proposes that game in ten episodes, adapting freely the film from 1994 with Hugh Grant, Four weddings and a funeral.

“The film is so iconic, especially for the british. You can see the original and you can appreciate this Four weddings, some people enjoy it, other do not”, say from England to the actress Nathalie Emmanuel (31), the protagonist of the production, which introduces a new chapter every Wednesday on FOX Premium Series (the full season on FOX App). “It’s a fun way to escape the problems of the world”, adds to the phone with the Worship and other Latin media, digging into her role of Maya, a head of communications of a congressman who ends up back in the british capital for the marriage of her best friend and lives various ups and downs.

Instead of a white man as Grant, a protagonist of color in the middle of a deal with “different cultures, backgrounds, languages, is how to unite the world. I’d love to (the same) with other stories that I love so much, romantic comedies, or movies of teenagers that I adore, and now I are misogynist,” says not being able to prevent a laugh.

Your protagonist is the first big role after embodying in Game of thrones to Missandei, the translator and confidant of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) from the third cycle to the last. Almost a year to the end of the series, says: “Game of thrones it is a great epic, with a lot of violence, political discourse. In Four weddings no one has a violent behavior, and it is much less about problems that change the world, and more about the love life and romantic of a group of millennials,” he says. “I enjoyed the challenge of doing comedy, in addition to, with a cast of more intimate”.

The actress of the latest Fast and furious the phenomenon of television also serves to talk about the inevitable comparison with the film written by Richard Curtis and directed by Mike Newell. “People say: ‘what would you prefer, the books of Game of thrones or the series?’ I appreciate both for different reasons. The success of each is in the quality of the work. I think that the movie and the series reflect his own value.”

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  • Nathalie Emmanuel: “This series is a fun way to escape the troubles of the world”
    Nathalie Emmanuel: “This series is a fun way to escape the troubles of the world”

– How do you think that this comedy can resonate in these times?

-We all stayed at home, seeing everything that we can (laughs). We are concerned about the people and we hear among us. I guess Four weddings it is a reminder of what’s important are things like friendship, family and love. It is a small series, fun and joyful, it is something that I recommend seeing, especially in difficult times.

-This series premiered in Latin america, but Fast and furious 9 was postponed until the next year. How his career has been affected?

-The entire industry of film and television has had to close, is affecting all of us. It is of concern to me and to all that can not work at this time; a large part of my work is based in another country. I have a privilege, you know, artistic and financially, and I am able to go through this, some other people will not, and will not be able. I’m not thinking: “Oh, no, my career.” I am very concerned about the world and the Uk, where I live. It is very scary and a very uncertain we are. This reminds me of myself I should be very grateful, I can pay my bills, live in a place where I can get my supplies, I am lucky. I’m not worried about my career. Things will return to normal when the time is right.

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