Netflix | “Love. Wedding. Random”: The “quirky” romantic comedy starring Sam Claflin has become a tendency | Love Wedding Repeat


Netflix he has premiered more movies to make more entertaining the mandatory quarantine and one of his most recent films is “Love. Wedding. Random”well , being a romantic comedy that caught the attention of the users.

In addition, I was interested because one of the protagonists is Sam Claflin, actor remembered for his role of William Traynor in the movie “Me before you”, alongside Emilia Clarke. Fans recognized him immediately and waited for it to be as good as that film.


It all started 5 years ago in Italy when Jack, played by Sam Claflinis about to tell Dinah (Olivia Munn) who is in love with her before he returns to England, his native country.

However, there is a new character who is a school friend of Dina, so that Jack can not express your feelings. Upon returning to the present, it is seen that he is carrying Hayley, her sisterat the altar who shall marry Roberto (Tiziano Caputo) in Italy.

However, he sees that Marc, the friend of the college, it is a threat for your wedding as well who asks you for help to his brother. He walks to the tables and you plan to take a sedative to the glass of Marc, but there are a few children that change the plan.

The naughty small change the names of the guests, and it is Bryan (Joel Fry), a friend of Jack and “maid of honor” Hayley, is the one who takes the drink.

“Love. Wedding. Random” it is directed by the screenwriter Dean Craig, who made his debut as a filmmaker, and hopes to provide a new and fun look to the facts, where the characters star in another crazy version of what I have before known.

This “rom-com”, a romantic comedy in English, it is inspired by two films: “groundhog day” (1993) and “Four weddings and a funeral” (1994).