Netflix ordered Sweet Tooth, the series produced by Robert Downey Jr.


Sweet Tooth, it was a project initially planned as a series Hulu, will changing the seal Netflixfrom where you ordered since the first season.

The same saw the light in the production house Team Downeyof Robert Downey Jr.along with Warner Bros. Television.

Jim Mickle and Beth Schwart will be the showrunner; two authors decidedly interesting: Mickle is the director of “Cold in July” and the creator of the series “Hap and Leonard” (both taken from the novels of Joe R. Lansdale).

Schwartz for his part, was the showrunner of “Arrow,” the series of DC completed a short time ago. The two will also be executive producers alongside Robert Downey Jr.his wife and partner Susan Downey, Linda Moran and Amanda Burrell.

Sweet Tooth it is described as a drama about the maduridad focused on Gusa young hybrid of 18 years, half-human and half-deer leaves his home to find a world devastated by a cataclysm. Then discovers a big conspiracy when it binds to a family of hybrid human; from here the young man begins to question his own existence.

The comic was written by Jeff Lemire and published between 2009 and 2013, was acclaimed both by the critics as by the public.

The synopsis of the same is as follows: “Sweet Tooth is a fairy tale post-apocalyptic that has as its protagonist a young man half deer and half human named Gus. Grew up in the woods educated by his father, who kept him away from the outside world with the intention to protect it.

The guy part of your home when the father dies, and together with a group formed by the hybrids and humans. Gus embarks on a dangerous journey in search of answers”.