No one was expecting it! There is a new Superman and DC kicks the board can Change the actor?


After the little success of Henry Cavill to star in the movie “Man of Steel”, the actor would be out of the new presentation of Superman on the big screen.

Just as happened with “Joker”, Warner decided to make a new adaptation of the super man outside of the DC universe, and thus be able to move to Cavill as the protagonist.

Is that, since the turn of the hero of steel the film, the interpreter failed to give the popularity of the character as it had made Christopher Reeve.

According to the media “We Got This Covered”, the series elected to take him to the cinema has been “The death of Superman” because of the enormous popularity that this had among the fans.

And as well as time this story managed to revive the character when his fame fell between the comics, now is chosen with the same goal, but this time within the motion picture industry.

However, both from Warner and from DC, for the moment there has been no official information regarding this new adaptation of the superhero more powerful.

Beyond this, so that it has been able to find out, who would be confirmed to be the director J. J Abrams and what’s not news is if Henry Cavill will continue to be the actor who portray Clark Kent in the DC Universe.