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* Message of Luis Diaz Barriga
* Tips to make them at home

By Miguel Scagno/ NOTIVER

The president of the Tennis Association of the State of Veracruz, Luis Diaz Barriga, issued a message from their social networks about a series of recommendations for the players veracruz who remain active in the physical appearance and also in the mind, where it even gives examples of books to strengthen the mentality of winning.

Díaz Barriga, who is also chairman of the Region 7 in Mexican Tennis Federation, urged all players to veracruz to stay active-from-home, where even took the opportunity to give recommend programs of training in clubs and tennis schools.

“Let’s hope that they are in good health. We will give recommendations of how to continue preparing with the tennis from home. 1.- Stay active and work on the physical part from our house. We will use our social networks, clubs, academies, and even players that go up daily programs of training adapted to our homes to continue to live”.

Diaz Barriga gave some examples such as The Palmas Racquet Club, Britania Sport Center, at the national level, the Centro Deportivo Chapultepec, among others.

As point number two, the captain of the mexican team of Davis Cup, he emphasized on the training of mind that must have the players.

“Work on the mental part, in our home we have books, revisit the reading, good books as Relentless Tim Grover, The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle, very good for trainers and technicians, as well as a biography of Andre Agassi called Open, as well as Rafael Nadal, Novak, Serena Williams, the Excellence in the Sports of James Loher, this book talks about how to improve your performance through different exercises and mental techniques”.

In addition, he invited the players to review their goals, “each player has its objectives, if it continues to be the same, or if you already grew up. Dream big, plan how you’re going to achieve, working on your dreams.”