Quibi: how is the service that offers “snacks fast”

Quibi: how is the service that offers “snacks fast”

Sophie Turner, Sansa in “Game of Thrones”, stars in “Survive” for Quibi / web

A new platform of content on demand is among us, designed for the times anxious that run: as the name advises, Quibi, acronym of “quick bites” (snacks fast), proposes programs express, of up to ten minutes, and are designed to be consumed in the cell, on the way home.

In fact, in what would be a heresy to the majority of moviegoers hard, the contents can be viewed both in landscape as portrait (will provide complementary experiences according to what they hide and show, say from Quibi), thanks to the technology “turnstyle” that offers a platform designed by Jeffrey Katzenberg, chairman of Disney for ten years and founder of Dreamworks, which was founded with an initial investment of 1,750 billion (us $ 6 million average per hour of filming; a budget that assumes a quality that few series traditional can aspire to) which allowed the recruitment of several famous names, from J-Lo and Reese Witherspoon to Steven Spielberg and Guillermo Del Toro.

The platform was launched yesterday with 51 productions available, and more than 120 prepared (you can access a free trial of three months, but with a card; then, it will cost 5 dollars per month, and 8 without advertisements), with a proposal that favors reality shows of various types (there are contests of cooking, one that combines the reconstruction of destroyed houses with stories of actual killings that occurred there, and one of Christie Teigen is a judge; there is also content of the popular features of the internet, The Dodo) and a handful of other fictions, among which are “Survive”, a dark drama, with Sophie Turner (“Game of Thrones”) as the protagonist, and “Most Dangerous Game”, with Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz, waiting for the series to prepare the great figures of the platform, such as the aforementioned del Toro and Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Steven Soderbergh and Sam Raimi: some will launch you through the service movies into chapters of between seven and ten minutes. Each business day shall be submitted to three hours of additional content.

The fictions of short format does not are, since, a novelty, and for a long time that the web series come to explore the way (UN3TV, in Argentina, has its catalog of web series of ten minutes per episode, available on YouTube, without going further), either because they allow us to produce more cheaply or by the limitations of their own platforms. Offers creators new ways to tell and an interesting challenge, and already does not imply greater or lesser quality.

And in a context of multiplication of screens and the offer, the short format allows the audience don’t feel overwhelmed and eat in the “bubbles of leisure”: not only when you are in your house, but at lunch time, in a recreational work or in the micro.

The platform, of course, is oriented to the new ways of consuming the generations that, for example, were reluctant to see “The irishman” due to its duration and even despise today the series “slow” with chapters 50, or 60 minutes. But already, the launch of this platform, which sits input to compete with the big streaming media received criticism from those who believe that a platform designed for watching series on the tiny screen of the cell, with the noise of the subway, and think of how to catch the attention of audiences always eager to change the channel, kill the seventh art. As always, this is a story of apocalyptic and integrated.

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