Salma Hayek makes chocolate “extra mexican” with walnut and tequila


Salma Hayek is one of the actresses in this quarantine has changed the recordings by the kitchen, and this Easter he took the time to share a recipe very consistent with the date.

In a video of Instagram the actress teaches us how to make chocolates with nuts and tequila “to make them extra mexican”.

With a roller in hand, the interpreter of “From dusk to dawn” crushes first a few nuts to put in a bowl then put the chocolate in a bain Marie and melt it to fill in the spaces. At one time received help from his daughter, who also uses the roller to crush another piece of chocolate.

“To entertain, here are a few recipes of chocolates made in-house, to enjoy with your family this Easter. Happy Easter!”, wrote the actress.

As well as she also Natalie Portman has shared cooking videos. The protagonist of “The black swan” periodically comes up vegan recipes both in video and writing for your audience to follow the instructions.

The conductive Oprah Winfrey also shared in the last few days, a video making spaghetti, while the singer Pink bragged about a banana bread.

Of the national side, continues to inform his cooking channel this season is the actress Erika Buenfil, who also celebrated the Passover in its profile of Instagram with a picture of two glasses of popcorn, decorated like bunnies.