Saoirse Ronan: 7 movies that you can’t miss


At 26 years of age, Saoirse Ronan has been involved in a lot of films, in which stands both for his roles secondary protagonist.

With four nominations Oscar and a Golden Globe, Ronan is emerging as one of the actresses young most impressive of his generation.

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Below, we present seven films essential to enjoy the work of the leading actress.

“The Lovely Bones” by Peter Jackson (2009)

Adaptation of the novel of Alice Sebold. The tape features the narration of Susie Salmon, who, through a voice-over, tells of her life up to reach adolescence, when their 14 years old, is murdered by one of his neighbors.

Susie it is located in a space between the beyond and the world of the living, where it may be seen as the life of his family crumbles, as well as the steps and the person responsible for his death.

“Hanna”, de Joe Wright (2011)

Hanna it is a young man who has lived his entire life with his father in the cold and wild we stop Finland. Isolated from the modern world, Hanna has been trained by his father in all kinds of advanced tactics for survival and advanced skills for his age.

One night, she is captured by the CIA, who is looking for his father for years. This will force her to put all her skills into practice.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”, de Wes Anderson (2014)

Ronan plays Agatha, the love-interest of Zero, the buttons of the Grand Hotel Budapest.

With an aesthetic reminiscent of that of Europe of the east during the second world war, the film tells the story of as Zerobeing already an elderly man, tells a writer how he managed to become the owner of the hotel.

“Brooklyn,” John Crowley (2015)

Ellis is an irish girl who travels to United States with the hope of finding work and a stable future. Your stay improvement to meet Tonyhowever, an event in the family will force her to return to Ireland.

It is there when Ellis you must choose, whether to stay in his native land with his family, or return to United States.

“Lady Bird”, of Greta Gerwig (2017)

Debut directional Gerwig, who had already played as an actress and screenwriter.

Ronan acts as a kind of alter ego of the director in his last days in high school, yearning to enjoy the college life away from his native Sacramento.

“Mary Queen of Scots”, Josie Rourke (2018)

Ronan plays Mary Stuart, who at 16 years was queen consort of France and she was widowed at 18, having to return to Scotland to claim the throne of his nation.

This will raise the rivalry with his cousin Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie), queen of England.

“Little Women”, Greta Gerwig (2019)

Second film directed by Gerwig, which adapts the novel of Louisa May Alcott. Ronan plays Jo Marsh, the narrator of this story where she recalls her days of adolescence to the side of his mother and sisters.

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