Selena Gomez accepts to be “toxic” in their relationships


Selena Gomez accepts to be “toxic” in their relationships. Apparently the singer has made an examination of conscience, and recognizes one of its weaknesses.

A few times we see celebrities being just as human as the rest and, on this occasion, our dear Selena gives a sample of humility with his more recent statements.

So as you read it, the singer Selena Gomez confessed during an interview for Genius, who liked to manipulate their partners and to be the “toxic” relationship.

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And is that it is and highlights the star of the music stressed that he enjoyed to make suffer to their boyfriends during their stage of adolescent.

“I think that both men and women do, especially when we are adolescents,” he said.

Even, the interpreter of 27 years, explained that his attitude was due to the immaturity and the growth of her fame as an actress in remembrance series for young people.

“It is the satisfaction of hurting someone because we know that they do care. To purpose if we don’t knock the person that we are to lose confidence and so not to lose them. It’s like: ‘Oh, I’m happy that you’re crying for me, clearly I still loving’, and all those things,” he said.

¡Selena Gomez is toxic!

However, it has not wanted to specify the names of the former partners who experienced this side unheard of in their past.

Although the fans claim that it would be Justin Bieber, who started out with the actress when they were both teenagers.

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