Selena Gomez confesses she enjoyed to make suffer to their partners


The singer Selena Gomez recently confessed that when he was a few years younger came to carry a little wrong with some of their partners.

The singer of texan revealed that he came to be the “toxic“their relationships because they enjoyed to make suffer their boyfriends.

In the same way, are well-known details of the relationship that she had with the singer Justin Bieber who after a series of infidelities and bad behavior ended up moving away definitely.

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Even, many have blamed for years for the singer until the hard stage in the singer went through to recover, however a recent declaration of the former girl Disney could give an unexpected twist to the past romance between them.

I think that both men and women do, especially when we are adolescents,” said the voice behind “Feel me”. In addition, the interpreter of 27 years, explained that his attitude was due to the immaturity and the growth of her fame as an actress in remembrance series for young people.

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The singer and actress he confessed that manipulate their partners feeding his ego in a stage of your life.

It is the satisfaction of hurting someone because we know that they do care. To purpose if we don’t knock the person that we are to lose confidence and so not to lose them. It’s like: ‘oh, I’m happy that you’re crying for me, clearly I still loving’, and all those things,” he said to the surprise of his admirers.

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Although the artist did not specify the names of the couples with whom she starred in a romance during that time the dark of his past, the fans have attributed that Justin Bieber you could also have experienced part of this process, as both maintained a relationship since they were teenagers.

If true, apparently the singer canadian he would make him pay for your suffering to the artist envolviendola in a stormy relationship that finally came out with very bruised and despite the fact that the interpreter “Yummi”has expressed apologize for the mistakes that he made the artist has pointed out that although it feels reinvindicada, it does not repair everything that happened when they were together.

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Even so, the singer expressed that he hopes that his ex-partner has been honest!. The above was revealed by the singer to the magazine Genius, taken up by the media The Republic.