Selena Gomez debuts new version of their disc ‘Rare’


itSel has left with the mouth open to their fans!

Rare’ was premiered on the 10th of January of this year and is the third record material the ex chica Disney, ‘Lose You to Love Me’ was the track promotional, released on the 23rd of October, in the year 2019.

By means of his account Instagramthe singer of ‘Love Song’ announced that it was preparing to releasing the album ‘Rare’ version ‘Deluxe’ with three previously unreleased tracks, ‘Boyfriend,’ ‘She’ and ‘Souvenir’.

Also, reported your fans from your website can contribute to a cause that is very special, because it invites you to donate to the Fondo Aid COVID-19 PLUS1to get needed items to those who requires in these times of pandemic.

Gomezsaid an excerpt of each melody their followers with different post and as promised, the three songs that complement this new record materialwere premiered the April 9.

It is these tracks Selena it is admitted, the letter ‘Boyfriend’ expressed that they want a boyfriendbut I could be implying that he is not yet ready, wondering, yes, it is that there are ‘good guys’, because it is always maintained love affairs with the wrong people, she now knows how to distinguish between desire and needafraid that the return to deceive, but the courage enough to try again.

On the other hand ‘She’, discusses his journey by the Hollywood industry, as has been highlighting little by little by your music and the performance, despite having made bad decisions, that taught him some lessons, such as, to support different emotions, the love, the hate and the pain.

Souvenir’, deals with the trip you had with someone special to the city of New York, all the good memories I have during those days, I was so in love, that his body reacted with small chills, and now, treasure every moment that that person gave you.

Selena has been a time of introspection and acceptance, as recently in the program of Miley Cyrus, he wanted to share with their fans that suffers of bipolar disorderwhat has made her rethink things in her life, but considering that you can get ahead.

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