Selena Gomez plays with frogs in their new music video “Boyfriend”


The singer and actress Selena Gomez it was an ancient metaphor for the creation of your music video more recent, “Boyfriend”.

In the proposal, the artist walks in his convertible car with a cage full of toads until you take one in your hands for throwing kisses, which if you were to turn it into a prince, as in fairy tales.

Throughout the video, Selena walks around in bars and restaurants, of appointment on appointment, only to go discarding prospects in your search for love you want to find.

“Boyfriend” is from the album Rare Deluxe that recently launched Selena, who a few days ago revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

During the quarantine imposed to stop the pandemic of COVID-19, the artist remained very active releasing music. It has also promoted humanitarian lucar against the disease. Even so, part of the gains obtained by the sales of merchandise related to his or her new record material will be destined to this cause.