She seems not to care! The controversial appearance of Victoria Ruffo and her husband, why criticize?

Victoria Ruffo he reappeared next to her husband Omar Favad and unleashed a storm of criticism on social networks.

Some of the followers of “The Queen of the Telenovelas” described as “lousy example” to be with her husband after he confirmed that he had tested positive to Covid-19.

Since a few weeks I could not see to Victoria as was kept in isolation for safety with her children after the diagnosis of Favad, who is the current governor of the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.

But it was until a few days ago Ruffo greeted his followers on Twitter, answered some messages and welcomed the support to their health situation. But it was a posting on Instagram that sparked the controversy.

After the publication of the famous actress began to receive a host of critics who accused her of not being liable to the disease that is affecting thousands of people around the world.

Despite the fact that the photograph of the mexican star seemed recent I was not. Since it was a I remember when you celebrated your anniversary of marriage.

After the stir caused just have to wait to the coming days when the interpreter of 57 years perform a new test to rule out if you have Covid-19. In the meantime he looks very happy and enjoying in their social networks.

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