Simone Bill returns to surprise the world: accepts challenge and makes the ‘Handstand Challenge’


Gymnastics artistic Impressive action of the gymnast american!

The impossible challenge of Simone Days

Andn full confinement by the COVID-19, the gymnast american Simone Days agree and surprise the whole world with a challenge viral on social networks.

In this ocasin, the american athlete with ms medals world history (25), was the protagonist of the challenge Handstand Challenge, initiated by actor Tom Holland, which consists in standing on the floor with your hands and try to take off the pants in any way.

Bill remained sustained at their hands for more than 50 seconds, at the same time trying to take off his pants with feet, and although in some moments seemed that he was about to lose balance, remained and logr meet the challenge to perfection.

“I hurt the wrists when you see this! hahaha”, was the comment of the exgimnasta of 32 years, Alicia Sacramone.

“He did so with pants that have fasteners at the ankles!”, he cried out a user, ‘crazed’ after the impressive ‘act of the circus’ of the gymnast.

Remember that Simone Bottlenecks est at home, protected as the majority of the population in the united States, after the pandemic coronavirus that is gripping the world.

United States it is one of the passes ms affected by the COVID-19 in the last 15 days.