So is your makeup during the confinement


Kim Kardashian it is a true reference in the world of fashion and makeup. Thanks to her we discovered the technique of contouring, and now we know their tricks of beauty to be beautiful at home during confinement. In your account of Instagram has shared a tutorial of makeup that she describes as “quick and easy”, but to be honest, it has nothing of that.

Let’s start by analyzing what it is that we believe makeup basic to be at home. A moisturizer with color, a little bit of blush, rímmel to enhance the lashes, and voila!

But, as could not be otherwise Kim Kardashian goes far beyond, with a video of almost nine minutes duration. She bet big with all kinds of cosmetic products and makeup, and apply techniques such as baking or the contouring. What is it really necessary to be at home? What to celebritie is a makeup simple for the day to day, we just what you’d wear to a wedding or to an evening event.

In any case, though perhaps it is not the tutorial that we need for these moments, we can take advantage of these days of confinement to practice with the techniques of makeup Kim Kardashian.

The photo of the adolescence of Kim Kardashian

The celebritie you do not lose the time, and in the last hours has shared on Instagram a photograph of you when I was in seventh grade. The publication already has over two million “likes” and thousands of comments. What is more surprising is how different it looks Kim to now. But for nobody is a secret the multiple aesthetic touches that has been done.