So was the alternate ending of I Am Legend with a surprising turn for Will Smith


So was the alternate ending of I Am Legend with a surprising turn for Will Smith

Will Smith in I Am legend – WARNER BROS

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Sadly, the movie I Am Legend, is back in fashion because of the pandemic of coronavirus. Even Will Smith has said that she feels guilty about the misinformation generated in the wake of the movie with all the matter of the COVID-19. The tape includes a fateful destiny for the protagonist, but this might not be as well as reveals the alternate ending.

Both versions of I Am Legend are identical until it reaches a crucial moment in the third act. The whole story of Smith and the infected runs in the same way, and ends in the moment in which the protagonist meets two other survivors of the pandemic, Anna (Alice Braga) and Ethan (Charlie Tahan). However, the confrontation with the Alpha of the infected takes place in a different manner in the alternative version, giving the protagonist a more hopeful future. Or at least a future.

In the end premiered in theaters, Neville (Smith) says to Anna and Ethan that the infected never stop perseguirles, just in the same moment that one of the subjects used as guinea pigs for their experiments begins to show some improvement before the treatment.

Ultimately, the protagonist delivers a vial with the blood healed Anna and hide her and her son in a safe place, sacrificing by means of a grenade with which he achieved to destroy the infected Alpha and his army. In the final minutes explains that Anna has succeeded in getting up a colony of survivors, who are already developing a cure for the virus.

In reality, the story of I Am Legend is based on a relentless struggle against the virus and its infected, which is resolved at the last moment thanks to the work of Dr. Neville. But the final alternative includes a brief scene that completely changes the meaning and the motivations of those infected. And it all has to do with a butterfly.

The character of Smith assumes that Anna is the salvation of humanity at the time in which he sees a butterfly tattooed on his neck, in a sort of epiphany about her daughter who always said “follow the butterflies”. But in the alternative version, it is the female that is infected and that responds to the cure the one that bears the tattoo, completely changing the motivations of those infected.

Is to see the tattoo when Dr. Neville realizes that, in reality, the infected Alpha does not try to kill him for no reason, but that you are trying to save the woman who is the victim of the experiment, implying that beings are much more socialized than they appear to the naked eye. It is then when Neville decides to release the female Alpha and ask forgiveness for all those infected to those who have been killed trying to find a cure.

Finally, Neville, Anna and Ethan escape from New York in search of the relict colony, leaving behind the infected and, yes, without the cure in your power. This explains that the whole movie was based in reality on the misunderstanding between the humans and the new species, which now must learn to live together, as this is the only way we all survive in peace.

An ending which was rejected by director Francis Lawrence decided to discard since it gave to understand that “creatures are not evil, the hero is the bad guy.”