“Sometimes I feel that the Internet is like an enemy”: Dua Lipa


Dua Lipa says a woman is concerned, and these days kept at home have not been easy, especially because it is in full release of their new album Future nostalgia. In an interview with Publimetro, the british singer shares his fears, his way of dealing with social networking, but, above all, the moment that lives in the music.

How the Internet becomes an ally or an enemy?
— I think that the Internet came to us to facilitate the lives of the artists and the world in general, I say that because I started on YouTube. During these years I have noticed that the bad things are that most them spread and let down the positive things. I have lived with my haters, my critics, and, above all, when it leaked out my new album, that made me cry a lot and I felt it as a betrayal; sometimes I feel that the Internet (social networks) is like an enemy that remains hidden and will surprise you when you least expect it…

How flows the personal side and professional during the quarantine?
— I’m not at my house because it flooded weeks ago and I had to rent while they continue the repairs, which also were postponed. I ignore the indications to the health alert next to my boyfriend (Anwar Hadid). Suddenly yes I get the anxiety of wanting to leave, but I’m enjoying it. I do things that normally I don’t do… I have a lot of free time [risas]. I sleep, read books, I watch a lot of television. I thought that this month was not going to sleep for the promotion of the new album, but I have plans in the music, fashion and other things that I can not overtake.

Dua Lipa

If you had to describe this album with something of your personality, what would it be?
— You know, before I estresaba a lot for the future and the strategies that are perfect. The disk has been released in full pandemic and quarantine is, in any way, as I did this disk: without pressures, anxiety, and views of the outside world. Future nostalgia is full of positive things and I just want the listener is made to dance with a smile on your face.

How much freedom you have in this industry which tends to be complicated?
— If I tell you that it doesn’t affect me, I would lie. I’ve learned not to immerse myself in the negative comments, but yes, I like to be attentive of the criticisms made by the experts in the music and my followers. I have become more independent and secure, because the only person who is going to give me what I seek, I am. I have people around me that allows me to be free and leave me that is to be authentic with my music, despite my craziness.

What would you say about Dua Lipa?
— O my folly! [risas]. I try to be honest in all that I do and this is reflected in each one of the songs of Future nostalgia. I have a lot to learn, but I like to share my moments of love, heartbreak, my depressions, joys… all of it! I suddenly like to talk about personal things, but then I get angry with myself because I open a lot [suspiro largo].

millions of streams on Spotify, had Future nostalgia in its first week, making it the fifth album by a female to debut with more streams in the history.


1995. He was born on 22 August 1995. His parents are from Kosovo and were refugees in the United Kingdom.

2008. At 14, he started to post covers of their songs pop favorite on YouTube.

2016. Premiered See in blue, a documentary about the singer.

2017. The singer beat artists such as Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé when it reached a major hit Spotify and crowned as the woman most transmitted of 2017 in the Uk.

2018. Stopped a concert by an infection in his ear and left the stage without stop crying.

2020. The singer will release the deluxe version of his album this year, which also will include previously unreleased songs and collaborations with Miley Cyrus. “I have some songs that are saved that I want to listen to and there will be many collaborations.”