Sophie Turner would give life to Jean Grey in X-Men Will there be new movie?


Sophie Turner has not left that the little success of X-Men: Dark Phoenixthe fell out of love of the character Jean Greyand , therefore, is prepared to interpret it again in any movie future of the franchise X-Men.

Sophie Turner would give life to Jean Grey in X-Men Will there be new movie?

Sophie Turner stars in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

In an interview with Variety, Sophie Turner he was questioned about the future of Jean Grey and X-Men now that Disney it has acquired 20th Century Fox, a study that has in its power the film rights to the franchise.

  • “I don’t even know what the deal is, if Disney wants to continue with the journey of the X-Men […] I always like to go back to that character and to that cast and that experience, we had a great time in those movies. Would kill to go back.”

For the moment, Marvel has not revealed its plans for the future of X-Men, especially the version presented by 20th Century Fox, and if the cast part of which was Sophie Turner will return to their roles as mutants.

The failure of Sophie Turner as Jean Grey

Despite the love that Sophie Turner feels for Jean Grey, fans of the X-Men did not share the sentiment, which is demonstrated in the few profit at the box office of X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

“But I always like to go back to that character, to that sharing, and that experience.”

Dark Phoenix, the tape centered on the story of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) raised $ 252,4 million dollars at the box office, making it the tape of X-Men with less profit.

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In addition to the poor performance at the box office, X-Men: Dark Phoenix also received good reviews from the critics, which makes it unlikely Sophie Turner can return to give life to Jean Grey.

Although neither Disney nor Marvel have revealed their plans for the X-Men, it is likely that the franchise is rebooted again and a new actress to replace Sophie Turner as the iconic Jean Grey.