Tennis black people who are trend in 2020 to combine with all my clothes

Let’s welcome to the black tennis. They have come to complement the classic tennis whites that were so fashionable in recent months with celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez or Hailey Baldwin. As these last, the black tennis beyond being an ally in sports. Rather, they are a background to high heels or footwear with a low platform to be combined with suits, short dresses style boho, with jeans, denim or corduroy, as well as with shorts with fringes on the edges.

The black tennis are presented in many ways, for all tastes, seasons and add-ons outfits. Pick the fence with you and make this basic piece a companion of every one of your adventures. Then some of the black tennis trend in 2020:


Are the tennis classic, those that you wear to the gym or the days on which sales to run at the park nearest your home or office. Are necessary for the wardrobe of any woman who travels, who like adrenaline and nature. Your platform, containment internal and round toe make this the most comfortable shoes of any collection. You can also take it to the streetstyle with some drainpipe trousers, shorts style boho with fringes on the edges or up with a skirt in neutral colors. The tennis sport in color black mark the trend in 2020, on the white already known. Are those friends that never fail.

The more female:

The tennis courts have ceased to be footwear that we use only in the field of sports. From a while ago, celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez have made of them a companion to look with outfits more sophisticated or elegant as a dress. In fact, let’s not forget that Hailey Baldwin chose a tennis to dazzle with her second wedding dress at wedding with Justin Bieber. Now, we will see that the trend is back and includes a texture with the glitter on the edges of black color, followed by a platform sole, a somewhat more low-and a detail that finishes off: a pin-black ribbon-like that gives a different turn to what we have seen before.

Type ballerina:

Tennis black style ballerina Nike

© Courtesy Nike

Yes, these black tennis will be your favorites to combine with a dress with ethnic prints or floral, with some baggy trousers or a midi skirt. The black tennis type ballerina have come to stayin accent matte and edged with more intense at the sides will be infallible in your closet if you want to highlight and feel the most comfort to every step you take.

The anklet:

Of futuristic style, these tennis black are perfect to wear with pants high or to walk on any surface at home. As if it were a treasure, use them with parts casual or more sports, without losing the style. Their platform and round toe will make you do not suffer from any foot pain and live the experience of wearing some black tennis to the maximum.

With prints:

Tennis-patterned Vans

© Courtesy Vans

Yes, the tennis black does not have to be boring (or much less). This alternative can awaken your creative spirit and bohemian to combine them with jeans, long skirts, and high with rhinestones, black pants and white blouse or a piece much more casual to be in the house as a whole in cotton accent cake. The tennis black will now also prints light and fun, as well as on the textures of crocodile skin as part of a proposal more elegant.

How do you prefer to wear them you?

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