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The yellow ball no longer bounces in the court, the rackets are saved and the fields deserted. A scenario unthinkable in tennis, before the spread of the coronavirus that has hit the world and obviously also into the sport. Several tournaments had to be postponed, others cancelled as Wimbledon and evaluate scenarios that are going to not play in the remainder of the year, which would hurt some of their main stars.

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The president of the ATP, the Italian Andrea Gaudenzihe told Corriere della Sera that there is still no date of return. “No one knows when we will come back to compete. On the 9th of march we cancel Indian Wells by the rule of ‘first health and safety’ and we don’t propose to play behind closed doors. We are talking about dates hypothetical. Now, also Open the united States is considering to postpone the tournament this year. It all depends on the virus. No one can exclude the deferment of tennis until January of 2021, that we go back to play the Australian Open”.

This pessimistic scenario does also think of some players who could be playing his last season. What this measure could mean the early retirement of some players? For example, in the male branch, is the case of Roger Federer, who is 38 years old and has dodged questions on when to finally retire the racquet, although it was said that he could be this year. 310 weeks as number 1, 20 Grand Slam titles, winner of the Davis Cup with Switzerland and olympic medalist. A career as a to put in a box but you could have an unexpected shutdown by the coronavirus.

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In the female branch, Serena Williams still has a goal outstanding: to match Margaret Court as the player most successful in history with 24 titles Grand Slam. The u.s. was looking for this season to find that title. With 38 years, the cancellation of Wimbledon it’s bad news, although by now the Roland Garros has been postponed to September and in the same month could compete for the US Openalthough everything will depend on what you decide ATPalthough health remains the first.

“The Grand Slam and the End of London have priority. Getting to London with three Grand Slam played and tournament Masters 1000 would be fine. We are working to a timetable hypothetical, with the end-point fi jo. The O2 Arena London -stadium where is played the contest which gathers the best tennis players of the year – is only available from 15 to 22 November,” says Gaudenzi, giving a window of hope. The weather will determine if the ball will give jackpots on the pitch, while the table has remained static with Novak Djokovic as number 1 and with the uncertainty of knowing if the one you saw was the last game of a great like Federer or Serena.

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