The “absurd” comment of Justin Bieber on the Covid-19 which infuriates all


City of Mexico.- Justin Bieber has faced next to ms rude and critical of the Internet after making an unfortunate comment about what a privileged it is, this when he spoke of the people who go through hard times due to the situation of the coronavirus.

In a transmission in vivo Instagram in the participation of his wife Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jennerthe interpreter canadian said that it was important to “recognize” that there are people pasndola very badly due to the pandemicl Covid-19however, his reflexin just caus the anger and mockery a lot of internet users criticized him for making comments “absurd” and “meaningless”.

Qu blessed we are to be able to… Many people at this time obviously are having a situation horrible. You know, they look at us and obviously, we have worked hard for where we are, as that is like that, you can’t feel bad for the things that we have. But I think it’s important that we take some time to recognize that there are people who really go wrong,” said Bieber.

Kendall agreed with the words of his friend, and he said:

(We are) so blessed. I think that all the time”.

The reflexin the famous has caused all kinds of reactions, mostly comments crticos and mockery as:

Thank God that they are “recognizing”. I’m so grateful. Suddenly my debts were paid off and I am no longer an unemployed”.

Why not be satisfied with a bread dough fermented like all the dems, instead of going to the social networks for these non-sense”.

I can not stand ms to the celebrities making comments about the Covid-19. Quiz only s a human, you’re not an expert. Cllate and bake on a pan de pltano and qudate at home.”

For the love of God, stop talking”.

Source: Just Jared