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Hundreds of popular festivals have been postponed or supendidas without a clear horizon: the Fallas in Valencia, the Magdalena in Castellon, Holy Week in Sevillethe feasts of San Jorge in Santurce… And, with them, in addition to the great performances, many by major artists in the animation of events and concerts smaller ones have been left lying in the gutter of the rooms of his house, confined by a coronavirus, with one hand in front and another behind. Here goes the first-person testimony of one of them:

My name is Dioni Ortiz. From 29 years ago belong to the decadent, and always helpless, the world of the show. I’ve done all kind of functions (logistics, technical, organizational, etc) for all sorts of scenarios; I have provided my services to countless artists of repute, both national and international visiting the city of Valencia. In the present, and from two decades ago, approximately, was the leader of my own group of versions, IV Four. All these years I have worked hard alongside my teammates, without losing the illusion, defending our small and humble show -they say that “scabies with pleasure doesn’t itches”-.

During our musical career, we have been saving, season after season, always with the uncertainty and fear of the morning, not knowing if you’ll win in a few months we could give an account of the payments to that we all have to face throughout the year (mortgage, bills, etc). And, although I won just arrived to cover these expenses, on the approach of each season, we were high as workers ‘ self -understanding as a season of march to November, approximately: ¡be discharged throughout the year would be a luxury unthinkable! This year, fortunately or unfortunately, I had not yet taken the step. We were going to take the week previous to the 14th of march, before the Fallas of Valencia and the Magdalena of Castellón give the starting gun, but the thing was twisting, many great events were failing and decided to be cautious.

“This year we had a suitcase full of illusions, full of contracts, was to be the best year of our humble race. Nothing could fail”

As I say, we had it all planned, the papers were on the table of our manager, the repertoire rehearsed, we had invested in the improvement of our small teams. This year we had a suitcase full of illusions, full of contracts, going to be the best year of our humble race, nothing could fail, but suddenly the fear and uncertainty of the future became the present. In conclusion, we had to give the season for loss.

Dioni Ortiz has missed the entire start of the season by the coronavirus.
Dioni Ortiz has missed the entire start of the season by the coronavirus.

And in this state of things, gives a lot of sorrow, it generates a feeling of rage and utter helplessness which some in the media show as the great crisis of the show. Theatres of the Gran Via of Madrid closedcampuses , huge in what it can do concerts for quite a long time, returns of concert tickets for 80€. Oh the win! Speak and are interviewed artists, groups, actors, all of them consecrated. Consecrated to say, because, as in football, here only is he is giving voice to the members of the first division. And in some cases, to my amazement, these fortunate of the music are presented as victims, when they are economically well placed, so that they can endure time without work. This is not the case of IV, Four, or a large number of artists that move in the same tracks than us.

Agustín Rivera. Malaga

Rafael Martinez just turned 106 years. Lives in Cordoba and is one of the few survivors Spanish pandemic of a century ago. “I’m not afraid,” proclaims

The reality is different, I say. There is a world that is ancillary to that of the great stars that give voice to the great media, a world that lives in a parallel reality far more uncertain, raw, painful, a reality starring people humble and hardworking that encourages these popular festivals, these events in summer, we all like to enjoy.

“We will continue delivering entertainment with the best of our smiles, our balconies and screens will still be open to you”

And neither did I hear anyone talk about that every weekend we need to go out to defend our humble shows, music, theatre, puppets, magicians, nor those who rely on the celebration of these shows: technicians, drivers, production staff, etc, Because, unfortunately, nobody seems to be aware that, if on a weekend we don’t go out to the road -in the best of cases, with a contract for work and service, the small family economies of these workers suffer, like any other worker.

In consequence, we are many that we will not charge you anything, we are thousands of affected, our uncertainty is total, we’re not going to benefit from an ERTE or anything like that, and as is normal, we are going to be the last ones out of the landfill. With that, and with all, in these difficult times in which we live –“interesting times”, as says the old chinese proverb – we will continue delivering entertainment with the best of our smiles, our balconies and screens will still be open for you the time you need..

I’m defending the idea that health is first. This letter is not a complaint. I want to add in these moments, never to subtract; I don’t want to be the Greta Thunberg of the entertainment industry, or claim anything that is not revindique any worker in this country, I don’t demand anything and I don’t ask anything. With the writing I just would like to open another window to the world to show this is a reality that has yet to be given a voice.

And if a system indolent has not been able or will be able to surrender, you notice coronavirus: you will be able to with us! You shall overcome, we will go out to the street, and everything will be better than before.

*Dioni Ortiz is the leader of the band IV Four Versions intense and fun rock and pop Spanish

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