The best accounts of TikTok which you should follow


Today Are a ‘must’ within the application

The main Tiktokers that duty
The main Tiktokers that you’ll have to follow.

Debes to follow them. If, during this quarantine by coronavirus you don’t have much what to do and TikTok has called your attention to itbut you don’t know ‘where to get’, don’t worry. In BRAND Clearaddition of a gua basic on the applicationyou say the accounts that you should follow.

If you like the magic and the tricks, this is your account. Their illusions will make you to stay with the mouth open

One of the comedians of TikTok. Your content est full self-love, dancing, self-esteem and mood white. Sguelo!

An account that you become addicted to TikTok. Salinakilla does extraas coreografas and manipulate your look to make videos hipnticos. A must.

A young colombian that leverages all the tools of TikTok. Your videos are the most fun of the social network. Sguela for rer out loud!

One of the queens of the TikTok in Mexico. Your account est full of dances and collaborations with famous people. You can’t miss your videos full of creativity.

As it is, the Prncipe del Rap came to TikTok. The myths about this social network is just for teens the breaks Will Smith with its editions, has succeeded in trapping thousands of followers.

Of to TikTok. With only 18 years, these platforms have catapulted up programs in Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

The queen world of TikTok. With 17 years, is the person that ms fans are in the platform. Take a look at your content that has led her to be nominated to the Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards.