The box office in the five main Latin american markets, to detail

Film&Tv recently launched a section dedicated to analyzing the box office in Latin american through the data in the territories of Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Chile (you can read the first article here). Then, we continue reviewing what they gave of themselves in these markets in the month of February, before the outbreak international of the coronavirus and with local hits such as Crazy for you and Cindy la Regia in Mexico, The theft of the century in Argentina, Minha Mãe É Uma Peça 3 in Brazil or Covenant of the leak and Women top in Chile.

‘Crazy for you’

The market in MEXICO in this month was dominated by three movies. On the one hand, the tape family Sonic: The movie Paramount Pictures raised anything less than $ 15 million in just two weeks.

On the other, Warner managed to nearly 11 million dollars with Birds of preythe film of the DC universe focusing on the character of Harley Quinn, and Universal reached 9 MM $ with The adventures of the doctor Dolittle.

Mexican cinema took the stage with Crazy for youdistributed by Videocine. This romantic comedy, produced by Pantelion Films entered in the third position of the table in the third week, and he was admitted around 3 million dollars in two weeks. The film by Diego Kaplan is starring Jaime Camil (Jane the Virgin) and Sandra Echeverría, the head of an ensemble cast where there are also international actors such as Brooke Shields and Jason Alexander.

The tape tells the story of an executive of a company of tequila that falls in love with a gentleman with many secrets, such as behavioral disorders. The woman, in an unexpected chain of situations in a paradise island, you’ll need to choose between saving your job or your romantic relationship.

Videocine continued with the distribution of Cindy la Regia. In January he had already amassed $ 3 million and in February amounted to more than 2 MM $.

The mexican division of the brazilian distributor Imagem Films launched the tape of suspense Gretel and Hansel, with which he obtained more than $ 1.5 million. You can also underline the premiere of The Gentlemen: The gentlemen of the mafia Guy Ritchie for Zima Entertainment and The scandal (Bombshell) with Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie by Heart Filmsin both cases with collections just over a million dollars in the month.

In ARGENTINA two of the ribbons USED above also showed their strength. Sonic: The movie led the ranking the last two weeks. The film, which was distributed by Universal, grossed almost $ 2 million in the second half of the month. Also, Birds of prey Warner was made with just over 1 million is dollars. Similar numbers did 1917 Sam Mendes, released by Universal.

However, the film of the month had argentinian flavour as The theft of the centurythe movie from Ariel Winograd (Warner Bros.) entered more than 3 MM $, a figure which must be added to the nearly 4 million achieved the previous month. A phenomenon of the box office.

In terms of distribution local, the most noteworthy is the success of Impact Film with the south Korean Parasites Bong Joon-ho. The film began the month in the seventh position, but managed to climb up to third place. The tape raised around one million dollars in February.

We continue to review marching on to BRAZIL, a territory in which also triumphed Sonic: The movie. In just two weeks, the tape from Paramount that features Jim Carrey in the role of the villain Dr. Robotnik, he got 7 million dollars.

It also marked relevant figures Birds of prey Warner, although somewhat lower, because in three weeks recorded 6 MM $. Also, Bad Boys for Lifand Sony, which led the first week, it grossed nearly us $ 5 million. Beyond that, Dolittle came in second place last week with $ 1.7 million, and the ribbon of the war 1917 got some 2 MM $ in the month.

There were No developments local during the month that got into the Top-10, but, following the spectacular start on their journey on the billboard (remember that in January, he joined a us $ 28 million), the brazilian Minha Mãe É Uma Peça 3 (‘My mother is a’ piece’) of Downtown Filmes / Paris Films added another 4.5 million dollars.

We already mentioned that with respect to a January Pandora Films distributed there Parasites. In February, as in other territories, the film rose rapidly and came to be in the third place, scoring nearly 2.5 million dollars in the month.

There is that highlight, in turn, to the thread of what we mentioned in the section mexican, the brazilian distributor Imagem Films also launched in their own country Gretel and Hansel in the last week, debuting with $ 1.3 million in the last week.

In COLOMBIA, the production, the more successful in February was Bad Boys for Life Sony Pictures, which grossed close to $ 3 million. In two weeks, Sonic: The movie Paramount also reaped a good result, leading the ranking and checking in around 2 MM $. Touching the 1.5 million was Birds of prey of Warner, as the other film american remarkable in this market.

The colombian film, not had a month inspired. Only, in the first week is closing the Top-10 Crazy for you, a romantic comedy of which we spoke in the previous article and distributes Cine Colombia.

This distributor is local that has had success with the oscar-winning Parasitesthat rose to fourth place during the month of February. The company also took Colombia foreign securities that took up the positions of honor of the box office, as Dark waters Todd Haynes, the fantastic adventures Russian Abigail and the lost city, comedy Jexi Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and the horror film The Final Wish.

Finally, we echo the other Latin american market in the us to look at these items, which is CHILE. A territory that offers a lower amount of income, but that Paramount was very good in this month because its Sonic: The movie raised nearly 2 million dollars box office

Other films hollywood with some impact at the box office is Birds of prey Warner Bros. who led the second week and ended up logging almost a million dollars. A few more titles you get numbers that are relevant. Around half a million registered both Jumanji: Next level as Bad Boys for Life.

‘Women up’

New Century Filmsdistributor peruvian who last year entered the chilean market, held in February, the success of the south Korean Parasites. The Best Film in the Oscar achieved almost a million dollars in the chilean market during this month.

In the report referred to January, we commented on the good performance of a title local as Covenant of the leak David Albala and distributed by Fox, around a story based on a flight of a real prison in Santiago de Chile in 1990. The case is that film starring Benjamin Vicuña has continued with the good path and in February earned another $ 500,000 more.

Beyond that film, in the third week debuted in the fourth position of the table a romantic comedy chilean call Women Topdirected by Andrew Feddersen and starring Natalia Valdebenito, Loretto Bernal and Alison Mandel. Distributed by BF Distribution, tells the journey of three friends looking for a sexuality that is more entertaining and spirited with their respective partners. A single released, a mom, wild and a girlfriend of a perfectionist, learn to ask for what they want in the privacy and discovered that revive the passion and strengthens the love.

Article done thanks to the collaboration of ComScore LATAM.

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