The career of Tom Hardy can add up to a new superhero


Tom Hardy, in the presentation of 'Venom'.

Albert L. OrtegaGetty Images

Tom Hardy has carved out a reputation as a man of action in the film. To its fame as the tough guy and his unmistakable voice has joined in recent times muscle and personality to stand out in the rebirth of Mad Max, threaten to Batman in ‘The dark knight: the legend‘or lead alone a delivery from the universe Marvel with ‘Venom‘. The streak may continue if it is confirmed the filtration in several English media.

However, it will not be the second part of Venom for the bet to wear the british 42 years that has drawn attention (this is already in shooting with the address of Andy Serkis). Neither have confirmed the rumors that at some point it crosses Tom Holland for any movie Spiderman to face the symbiont with the trepamuros.

The idea is to add to a universe of superheroes that tries to compete with DC and Marvel. It is Valiantanother world emerged from the comics that has been seen as Vin Diesel got a good collection with the initial attempt of the singular soldier ‘Bloodshot‘. With a debut remarkable in lockers, it is time to try to exploit the numerous characters from the pages of the comics.

The chosen Tom Hardy is ‘Timewalker‘any time that the combatant X-O Manowar seems reserved for John Cena. The british sumergiría in a story of time travel with Ivara man tired of his work that have to finish with the threats to humanity. With a slope more close to science-fiction, but within the conventions of superheroes, Hardy could add a new gallon in a deck that includes from pilots of World War II (Dunkerqueuntil his collaboration in the particular story of survival ‘The reborn‘or, perhaps more similar, in ‘Source‘.

The character of Ivar was created by Barry Windsor-Smith and his first appearance was in the year 1993. However, it has now been updated with a re-launch recently of the whole universe Valiant to adapt to the new times. This series is published in Spain by Medusa and one of their cartoonists usual is the Spanish Francis Portela.