The challenging training with Alex Morgan a few days of giving birth


Or a pregnancy of nearly nine months, nor the quarantine by pandemic coronavirus stop to Alex Morgan. The front of the selection of the united States, that in the next few days to give birth to their first daughter, follows to the letter a demanding training routine with the aim of maintaining its physical form.

In the last few hours, the player shared his account of Instagram a video of the exercises done in the garage of his house. First, it performs a swing with a kettle bell and then a series of lunges. It then goes on to a session of arms supported on a step and your work ends up with a job back in the TRX. “Daily workout in the garage”, wrote the player Orlando Pride of the NWSL.

In another publication, stated: “The work in my gym garage keeps me mentally healthy, in shape and makes me feel good before the baby put my world upside down (in a good way)”.

Days ago, the player had invited its followers to share their experiences of physical activity home. “I am very limited, as you can see,” he said in a video, and then focus the camera of your phone to your belly for almost nine months of pregnancy.

It should be noted that the original idea of Morgan was to get in shape for the month of July to be able to be part of the selection of the united States in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The postponement of competition until the middle of 2021 changed the plans of the player, but not so their training routines.

Morgan announced their pregnancy in October 2019 with a publication in your account of Instagram. Shared a series of photos to tell the whole world that is waiting for a daughter with her husband Servando Carras, who is also a footballer, plays in THE Galaxy. In the images, each carrying an object with a sentence: he held up a romper with the phrase “ready or not” and she a box that said, “little girl, April 2020”.