The crossover of Iron Man and Spider-Man 2 that we could not see


Today, it is impossible for us to conceive the Movie universe of Marvel such as it is. In 2008, Jon Favreau directed Iron Man, a movie starring Robert Downey Jr “like a superhero movie more, but that ended up becoming the foundation of a franchise film that has reported thousands of millions of dollars Marvel Studios and Disney over more than 10 years of productions and over 20 movies that are related between if.

However, things could be very different as we have known, as Iron Man was little make his debut long before Jon Favreau estrenase his first film, Iron Man, and Marvel Studios “give light” to the Movie Universe of Marvel.

In the beginning, one of the drafts of the script of Spider-Man 2, the film central of the trilogy trepamuros of Sam Raimiand was to have like a thread of connection to the doctor Octopus.

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According to ScreenRantthe this version of the script Spider-Man 2the robotic arms of doctor Octopus were created by Tony Stark. The goal of these devices controlled by the I. A. was to help manage hazardous materials during the experiments. But something went wrong during one of them and the arms were fused to the body of Otto Octavius. Finally, this version of the draft was ruled out and the arms of doctor Octopus is taken for granted that they were his creation, without delving into his origin in the movie.

What I would have liked them to have a connection between Iron Man and Spidey in the trilogy of Spider-Man of Sam Raimi?