The daughter of Salma Hayek in Gucci


Oh Valentina Paloma follows in the footsteps of his mother!

Valentina is about to enter adolescence, with 12 years, the daughter of the actress and producer is beginning to mark their own style, and of course we had to have a love for the clothing brands of luxury, since his father is owner of the fashion brands most exclusive, between her Gucci.

Not for nothing is the celeb carries Gucci to any event; even for a normal day Salma Hayek is a fan of this brand, you could say that is their favorite; whether or not her husband, the owner, what is certain is that Gucci is the most-used actress, and now for the first time we were able to see his daughter dressed in Gucci.

Valentina Paloma Pinault wore a casual look with cardigan pink Gucci, with a value of more than 23 thousand pesos, and combined it with some denim jeans and a few sneakers with crystals also of the Italian firm, which have an approximate cost of 30 thousand pesos.