The death of the designer shoes Sergio Rossi for COVID-19


Italy.- The designer footwear the Italian Sergio Rossi, has died.

According to reports, the man of 84 years old died due to complications of the coronavirus after being admitted in a hospital of Cesena in Italy at the beginning of the month.

“He was a master,” said the executive of the brand Riccardo Sciutto to . “It was a great pleasure having known him. It was our spiritual guide … he Could capture the femininity of a woman in a unique way.“Never was exaggerated, always in good taste. The shoes were always wearable and was never satisfied until they were perfect. Were not accessories to it. He once said to me that he wanted to create the perfect extension of the leg of a woman “.

The designs of footwear Rossi were favored by artists such as Ariana Grande and Oscar winner Lupita’nyong or.

He succumbed to the virus that was helping to fight in Italy: in march, Rossi donated 100,000 euros to the hospital Sacco of Milan to help the staff who treats patients with COVID-19.

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