The details of the party secret between Michael Jordan and LeBron James to just 15 years ago: “he was breaking”


Ron Artest, who changed his name in 2011 by the Metta World Peacewas a former NBA player he retired in 2016 in The Los Angeles Lakers, then you have arrived at in 2009 and where he was crowned champion. Before he had played in Chicago Bulls (1999-2002), Indiana Pacers (2002-2006), Sacramento Kings (2006-2008) and Houston Rockets (2008-2009). He is currently coach of the youth team South Bay Lakers of the G-League.

Metta is the one who has confirmed the secret meeting between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. This hand-to-hand between two of the basketball players greatest of all time it was a myth, and until now it was believed that had never happened. Is that when The King was chosen for the Draft in 2003 by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Air Jordan, a few months later, he announced his retirement for the third time in his career.

“Lebron, at the age of 15, the was breaking. No one at that age could give her a ride to MJ. Jordan would have averaged 35 points in the season if I wouldn’t have broken ribs. That season he averaged 25 and spent three months sitting outside of the pitch with 38 years. He (LeBron James) was definitely playing well; without a doubt. He was big and strong and no one could mark it”, she said, in a Instagram Live, Metta World Peace, ensuring to have seen that crossing.

Although one of the details that account does not match with the reality, because when LeBron James was 15 years old, Jordan had 36; yes it is certain injury to him twice to Michael as he was preparing to return to play in 2001. The former winger of The Lakers mentioned that incident in the ribs from Mike that ended up shaping not only in that season, prior to his second return to the NBA with the Wizards, but also in that duel dreamed of by all.

Days ago viralizó a photo that served as the trigger for Metta World Peace confirmed the crossing. In the same is the go to Air Jordan, and The King, in what seems to be a party an informal between the two. For the moment, that image and the story of the champion with the Lakers are the only items which fans can cling to follow agigantando the myth. Although, as expected, with security see more.

The eternal debate over who was the best of the history: Michael Jordan or LeBron James

The years pass and the comparisons in relation to which player was the best in the history of the NBA does not cease. Michael Jordan answered emphatically in January of this year. It was in the offices of the AccorHotels Arena of Paris where the legendary basket player answered the questions of journalists, among which is highlighted the one that asked him about the comparisons with LeBron James, another of the greats in the history of the NBA.

“We played in different eras”, was first exactly right to answer the former player of the Chicago Bulls. “It is an incredible player, is one of the best in the world, but the best”, he considered. “Is that the natural tendency is to compare eras to eras and will continue to do so. I am an amateur, I love to watch him play and our league is to invest in very talented players,” admitted the owner of the franchise in North Carolina.

“I think that he has left his mark and will continue to do so in the future. In terms of comparisons, I think that is what it is and that is a way of measuring. I’m not going to give more importance to that”, concluded.

For its part, last year the players of the NBA chose who was the best of the history, including Kobe Bryant. There were more than 100 voters who were added to a survey that was conducted a average north american to choose the leading the most prominent of the league.

According to a survey conducted The Athletican average american specialized in sports, Michael Jordan won the vote with 73 percent of the votes with the participation of 122 players who are part, today, of the NBA. Behind him, in second place, ranked LeBron James (11.9%) and in the third placement ended Kobe Bryant (10,6%)

In addition, others who joined the votes were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1,7%); Magic Johnsonhistorical basis of The los Angeles Lakers that won five championships in the decade of the 80; Allen Iversonone of the best players in the history of the Philadelphia 76ers; and Kevin Duranttwo times winner of the league title with the Golden State Warriors. All totaled 1 percent in the vote.

Michael Jordan knew how to dominate an era of the NBA. Under his leadership, and accompanied by Scottie Pippen, the Chicago Bulls won six NBA championships in eight years. After seven seasons in the face of the franchise (he was elected in the third position of the Draft in the NBA in 1984), he managed to be crowned with the title against the Lakers of Magic Johnson in the 91. After others arrived, two in a row, in the 92 against Portland Trail Blazers and a year later surpassed in the finals of the league to the Phoenix Suns for Charles Barkley.