The ears of a rabbit fill in the Passover of the ‘celebs’ | Today


The confinement has not been enough to stop the celebration of Easter Day between the celebs most popular of all the musical panorama. Yes, this year for the largest home ever seen. A day traditionally dominated by the chocolate eggs and the costumes of bunny, which, of course, in this 2020 have not missed. Every one was surprised, of course, inside of your style.

Miley Cyrus

The former girl Disney always knows how to give that talk, and, by if it had not been sufficiently protagonist of the quarantine, thanks to its peculiar and successful show Bright Mindednow she has rescued a few of their images that are more controversial. You just need to go back to the Passover of 2018 to remember Miley disguised as a playboy bunny with a few photos that not all approved of, as many accused them of erotizar a holiday like this. But, rest assured, I do not dive two years ago, in the networks of the singer to be reunited with this session. She herself was back up!

Backstreet Boys

The boyband that’s probably more sighs have caused, all the times has also put his granite of sand to wish you a happy Easter, in spite of the “madness that we are living.” An emergency situation with which they are most sensitive to and for which they released an amazing video that won the applause of the whole world. Because on this occasion, have not hesitated to pull the filter to wish all their fans a “happy Easter”. Perhaps you can be more monkeys?


The Queen of Pop has followed one of the most popular traditions of this time from its own garden and has shown in his Instagram how to, with his family, has made the typical Easter egg hunt.

Lady Gaga

The interpreter Stupid Love it has put aside the costumes and the chocolate and it has become more serious. Lady Gaga has wished all happy holidays with this message via his Twitter account: “Happy Easter to the world. Many are suffering in this moment, whether you celebrate Easter or not, I wish you the best day you can possibly have. Perhaps only with a smile. I wish you all that today.”

Katy Perry

Wearing a tummy and under a disguise of mom-rabbit, Katy Perry has wished a happy Easter to all of their followers after their recent announcement of what will be the sex of your baby.

Justin Bieber

The singer is living in a quarantine filled with signs of love with his wife, Hailey Baldwinin the also not have missed the criticism for his statements that he is aware of that live in the confinement in his situation is not so hard. Of course, in the midst of so much romance Justin also has dedicated a post to the Passover. Yes, with a message marked by the religious significance of the celebration in which we find phrases like this: “The god who created the sun, the trees, the grass, the birds, the mountains, lakes, oceans, how he loves you! He loves you so much that he came to earth in human form, lived a perfect life without sin, to make the ultimate sacrifice! I would die on the cross to receive the punishment for the mistakes that you and I have committed! (…) This is what Easter is good news.”

Snoop Dogg

The rapper has also not wanted to let to send a greeting to all their fans and has done so, as was expected, within their more personal style. Perhaps, had you ever imagined that you would see Snoop Dogg dress bunny?

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