The Governorato announces drastic cuts to save the finances of the vatican

Very recently, as with all of Spain bordered to combat the plague that has afflicted the world, His Holiness granted a second interview, this online, the reporter of The Sixth Jordi Evole, in the carrying on businesses that, beset by the crisis, have resorted to layoffs. “The ‘every man for himself’ is not the solution,” the Pope said. “A company that fires you in order to be saved… is not a solution. More that dismiss be accepted and made to feel that there is a caring society”.

Now the State on the queen, the Vatican, you are given the opportunity to verify the intentions of the Pope, but, judging by a provision issued today by the Gobernorato of the Holy see, the layoffs -or, at least, leave people without a job – is going to make it inevitable.

In particular, they are not going to renew the contracts to determined time. That might be best, which does not prevent the note has sown terror among the employees of the tiny State.

“In the light of what has been exposed, you have made some decisions that should guide the economic management of all the agencies in the coming months,” concludes the circular, which happens to enumerate the bad news, that is to say, the hard decisions that should already be applied: “drastic reduction of the costs of the consultancies, suspension, whenever possible, of the contracts to determined time, blocking of appointments and promotions, and termination of employment benefits overtime, except for reasons of institutional imperative”.

Unemployment for many, in addition. There is nothing you can reproach to the Holy Father, of course, but on countless other occasions that are taking place and will continue to occur in all the world are not attributable to employers, many of which closed while others will have to choose between closing or mass layoffs.

The company that fires you for salvation, Holiness, is the company that can give job to some, at least, while the company collapses cannot do this to anyone. More than the ‘every man for himself’, in many cases it can save at least someone, although that I suppose sacrificing the jobs of many others, and that is something that, inevitably, the Vatican will experience in the flesh.

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