The grand gesture of Tom Holland (SpiderMan) with a beggar after you give your last dollar in the supermarket


Go out and buy the products of the first need during the isolation can be a stressful undertaking for some.

The actor Tom Holland had an incident in London a couple of days when you have to come to the supermarket Waitrose saw that he could not get a cart because didn’t have a pound.

A beggar at the door she saw a problem and decided to give the single pound he had to help, as has told a passer-by to The Sun.

“My 6 year old daughter and I talked with this man. He said that a guy needed a pound for the trolley and they gave him hers. He said that he was sure of that the guy was SpiderMan in the film,” he said.

“Then I saw the guy come back and give to the lord as a beggar 100 pounds more pound of the cart. I had tears in my eyes”.

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