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Tom Holland continues to offer small holders on SpiderMan, Marvel. This time, the actor has revealed the plan being prepared by Sony when they announced the departure of the superhero. It seems that the study had a “wonderful idea”.

The news that Spidey would leave the MCU it was a real tidal wave among fans, who lived a few days of anguish. Finally, everything ended with a new agreement that allowed Peter Parker to continue sharing universe with other heroes from the comics.

“The future of Spider-man was still very bright alone with Sony. They had an idea formidable about how I was going to be the transition of the superhero without Marvel. Tom Rothman and Amy Pascal told me that he was going to have justice with my character and that I was going to be a movie at the height of Spidey,” said Holland to MTV News on that third tape is a solo that, finally, will be with the House of Ideas.

Yes, Tom Holland has made it clear that it prefers that everything has been resolved and that the trepamuros is still with Marvel. “That said, I’m very happy to be returning to the MCU, and that the team is united againbecause I feel that is where it belongs now SpiderMan. I am very grateful that Bob Iger and Tom Rothman to come to an agreement”, he explains.

“I also appreciate that you let me … be part of the process of bringing Peter Parker back home, it was a great experience. I saved SpiderMan“, I continued.

Filming in July

Although Tom Holland has learned to not reveal spoilers, that does not prevent him from continue to offering interesting information for the fans. In theory, the third film, Spider-man will begin to shoot the film in July, which implies that, as you get closer to the date, we will know more data on the tape. Its premiere is scheduled for July 16, 2021, if the pandemic allows.

In addition, Holland revealed in the same interview that I love that Peter Parker enters the world of Wanda Visionthe series on the Witch’s Scarlet and Vision. “Paul and Elizabeth are two of the greatest people that I know and I would love to work with them a little more. If they could put SpiderMan in Wanda Vision it would be great,” he said.

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