The manual that we lost


ARIZONA – The children do not come with instructions, and, although the bring tattooed at birth, maybe not the hojearíamos nor as a reading of the bathroom. That raise the natural gives us, although that of “natural” would have a different concept for everyone. For example, in my house, neither was there any flip flop or cintarazos, the screams were counted and we grew up surrounded by books, work and integrity; it is worth to dream, but it was mandatory to help. Not all are so lucky.

I confess that during the pregnancy I read books on how to be a good mother; devouring novels for me, and stories for them. Now they are 5 years old and are not perfect, but they are happy and adventurous. Maybe if I would have engaged in further methods of others to educate them would be different; maybe if I had read the books typical have found the chapter I lost: How to raise a child (well, two) during a pandemic. Oh No!

Our living room became a classroom, improvised, in the laboratory of craft Stuff, my office, the playground, the cinema, the yoga studio, the soccer field and a minefield of toys. It is difficult to concentrate when there and much more while you try to follow the instructions of a teacher -from a distance – makes up the impossible so that their kindergarten students do not lose the academic year.

My children also refuse to stop learning. Sit down to complete the math problems that I print out every week on sheets of recycled, colored art lessons and sing the music… then comes the task of literature, and I tremble.

For me, the phonogram “ai” and “ay” sound the same; I don’t understand what words have an “a” is bossy, and what the “e” is silent because it is a slippery. I went to school in Spanish and the life taught me English, so a “sneaky e” or “bossy” not part of my vocabulary… Ah! In addition I am of Sound where the “ch” and “sh” sound the same, that’s why we love to yell at the muchhhhhaaaachhhhooossss.

When I read the adventures of “Pete the cat”, my children say I talk like a robot. No, it is not that I have become Siri, but I have an accent marking (I like to say that the style of Salma Hayek). And to them it makes them funny. Don’t even know who is Salma or how he speaks. Perhaps the despair and maybe that’s why I was invited to the virtual session with your language teacher… to learn how to pronounce “ph”, “th” and the like. I’m learning a lot and, without meaning to, my pronunciation has improved more in these three weeks than in the last 10 years.

We studied together; we play together; we put together figures of accounts together, we see movies together; we eat breakfast, we eat and dine together; we have stories together; we clean together; we love together; we were hopeless together; we fight together; we exasperamos together; we walk together; we learn together… yes, much, more of this pandemic that we have more than three weeks in isolation, and we take it to the limit.

We are in a metamorphosis forced by the confinement and the coexistence. We are not the same and it’s not over yet, far from it. But we are discovering that manual, that we lost or that no one wrote before: how to be a family in the midst of a global crisis and still have the urge to carcajearnos and caring during the running of the bulls.

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