The shocking naked Emily Ratajkowski with her husband


Emily Ratajkowski again it goes back to to be in mouth of all and that is shared in the social networks a postcard next to your spouse and they are both completely naked.

The young british woman is 28 years old and is married with the actor Sebastian Bear-McClard; they both showed off their impressive bodies without clothes and in the bathroom of their home. Clear that he, lid strategically the intimate parts of the model.

Next to the photograph, the defender is an uncompromising woman and of the female nude, he wrote: “This is not the look of our quarantine (we are almost always loose fitting clothing and comfortable), but as posted this in my questions and answers (from Instagram), why not do it here? This image was taken almost six months before we were married, in the summer of 2018”.

There were many users of Instagram who reacted to the publication and among them, the models Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Rose Bertram, Shanina Shaykh, Duckie Thot and even Selena Gomez.

In 2018, the young woman revealed: “that is in Instagram is my life, is what I have been doing in different moments of it. At some point I realized that social networks were a tool that I could use for work. The evolution was gradual, natural, organic. Now it is my way to dictate what I want you to see me in every time.”

“To fight against sexism, we must be radical, get to the root of the problems. Sex does not have to be something that women give and men take,” he said.