The skinny jeans are returning in the spring with new trends


Let’s face it, although the baggy jeans currently they are one of the pants more trendy at the time, the skinny jeans you will always have a special place in our heart no matter how many cuts and designs have arrive to surprise us with new proposals.

Its elegant silhouette and attractive to the skinny jeans one piece irresistible with which it is easy to give a touch of sophistication to your ensembles casual and a spark of edge to dressed up. For this reason, the trousers cuffs will continue to be a must in spring that may not be out of your collection. You say all the trends you need to know to use skinny jeans during this season as the best dressed .

What color is used the skinny jeans in the spring?

Brandon Maxwell Spring Summer 2020

© Alessandro Lucioni /

The spring will be a contrast of colors interesting within the world of denim. While the fashion signature Danish Baum und Pferdgarten presented models in dark blue tones, which will combine perfectly with bright clothes, other designers such as Brandon Maxwell opted for shades of cool and bright.

On the other hand, the latest collections of French firms as Celine and Chanel we made it clear that the blue pants traditional will be a strong trend throughout the year, so don’t retain to incorporate a couple of skinny jeans classic your style once in a while that you can accompany both with pieces casual to wear in urban spaces as with garments more avant-garde as the tops of sleeves balloon or with forms bulky.

What material are the skinny jeans in the spring?

Balmain Spring Summer 2020

© Filippo Fior /

The denim typical will tend to dominate over the skinny jeans throughout 2020however that does not mean that there are no original proposals to get out of the everyday. The French brand, Balmain, we were surprised with a couple of pants entallados in a bright blue made of suede cotton to be awarded a texture innovative during the spring.

In case you opt for the models of denimthese also can be highlighted with fabrics that are heavier and finishes are worn, such as that presented Givenchy and Lily during his last few seasons . This type of pants are ideal for consolidating looks monochromatic with pieces like jackets of denim and high boots of velvet.

What details are the skinny jeans in the spring?

Dsquared2 Spring Verano2020

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The finer details in skinny jeans for the first will be in the use of these arenas high that they can reach up to the calf. The canadian firm Dsquared2 chose to accompany this type of jeans with heels, belt, blouses and jackets risky with a fit loose contrast and very saturated that breaks the fine line of skinny jeans to produce a very original effect.

Versace, for its part, supported the initiative of a spring full of color and contrast with pants to the hip eye-catching that can accompany both with similar garments to those with a style that is very noticeable, as with accessories more neutral as booties black or button shirts smooth to balance the outfit and get a result more chic.

How to wear skinny jeans in the spring?

Zendaya opted for a bag of the long tail to accompany its skinny jeans

© Neil Mockford

In the case of the tall womenas Zendayathe best way to use skinny jeans during the spring is to play with his / her height using clothing that create an interesting contrast. Generally, this type of figures to opt for arenas, and kicks high to show off your stature in an original way. However, it is also valid to experiment with bags or shirts oversized and a pair of high heels to produce a silhouette outside of daily life.

Remember that the skinny jeans they are a piece that blends well with clothing in formal and casual, so don’t be afraid to mix different types of accessories to produce assemblies much more original that show your personality.

How to combine skinny jeans in the spring?

Barcelona street style

© Christian Vierig

Traditionally the coats voluptuous and animal print have been thought exclusive to the autumn and winter, however it is increasingly common to incorporate these elements to your outfits spring to get out of the mold. Not everyone knows how to use skinny jeans with coats textures and daring, but the latest collections of brands such as Gucci and EDGII showed that this is possible with garments in shades of contrasting that will undoubtedly attract attention wherever they go.

For those who have a style more minimalist, this trend can be a great way to give a twist to your wardrobe without a lot of work. With only a couple of skinny black jeans you can accompany with a coat faux-fur or a blouse with a bold in design it is enough to consolidate an outfit unique.

What are the errors when using skinny jeans in the spring?

Sarah Jessica Parker leaves her apartment with a pair of skinny jeans

© Josiah Kamau

The errors you must not commit to using skinny jeans they are mainly of use in outfits within of which fail to highlight. Sarah Jessica Parkerdespite being known for being a benchmark within the world of fashion, on this occasion he had the same problem when you carry your skinny jeans with an outfit that is monochromatic, although it is a big trend during the spring, their shade of grey did not reflect the great style and personality and effervescent actress.