The surprise of Jennifer Aniston to a nurse with coronavirus

Jennifer Aniston is maintained isolated by a coronavirusas a way of giving the example about the delicate situation that affects the whole world. From his confinement, the actress was part of the program of Jimmy Kimmel, where, in addition to narrating how are their days of confinement; gave a surprise to a nurse that contracted the Covid-19, and that remains isolated, far away from his family,

Kimmel invited him on her program, which these days is emitted from the living room of his house, to a nurse cardiovascular of Utah infected with coronavirus and remains away from his two daughters from weeks ago. The idea was to tell the public how it is living in isolation. The virtual interview with Kimball Fairbanks, took a turn at the time that Aniston came on the scene to surprise her and to thank him for his work as an officer of the health.

Fairbanks could not contain the excitement to see that the legendary actress “Friends”, also in confinement, he went on direct to the program and was going to be part of the video call. Aniston, in addition to leaving the mouth open to the nurse, wanted to thank you for your work, as well as to all health care workers who are fighting to curb this pandemic.

“I can only tell you that God bless you to all who are there working. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude for everything you are doing and for putting your health at risk. They are simply phenomenal”said the actress.

In addition, Aniston gave her a card of 10,000 dollars to redeem for food at home in order to make more bearable the isolation that for weeks keeps the nurse away from her two daughters-four years and 18 months, luggage Vanitatis.

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The actress also told how she is living the confinement: “For me, being at home has not been a great challenge. What has been a challenge has been to decide how many stories you see per day, since the continuous updates on the pandemic of coronavirus can be overwhelming,”revealed. He said that to pass the time is by doing puzzles, cleaning and sorting closets.

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