The video of Eugenio Derbez for which he was accused of spreading false news


The comedian became a trend.

Eugenio Derbez is involved in a controversy after it became a trend by sharing a video in which he asked his followers to support the doctors who are working in government Institutions, but after it was accused of spreading false information.

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In the images that were posted on their social networks, Derbez said that a friend of his who is a doctor called Faustino Ruvalcaba, assured him that at the clinic where he works, which is the 20-IMSS Tijuana, do not have equipment to protect against the coronavirus.

“I made a desperate call. You must make many, many more cases such as this,” said the comedian.

Then read in front of the cameras on the letter of the course doctor: “This we have already surpassed, because we cannot… we do not have equipment and material to be able to protect ourselves,” said the text.

“We have been left alone, have been lowered from the boat too soon,” The letter stated that the doctors have had to buy their equipment with their own money and accusing the managers of the hospital to be absent in the midst of the crisis.

At the end of the reading of the text, the actor asked people donation of face shields, respirators, boots, gowns, covers bocaas and coveralls to the medical staff of that clinic.

“What helplessness, and what a shame that we are going through this when you a month and a half was coming and nothing was done. What sadness, what helplessness, and what a shame,” said the actor.

The controversial message has caused many reactions of their followers, while there were many who applauded the action, the most he reproached the dissemination of fake news.

The actor received a reply by the authorities (if you want to read it, visit Collective Culture News) that he put a message on your social networks emphatic: “No… they are not fake news. How sad that you will spend more time trying to hide a truth, that to save lives. God bless you”.

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