The Witcher (Netflix) are left without a great signing for Henry Cavill


The Witcher he was preparing his second season when he started the global pandemic, which forced them to cripple their production, including the new faces. One of them took it for granted that it was going to be Natalie Dormer, having been seen on the set of the filming of the series Netflix. However, the star of Game of Thrones will not be finally in the new batch of episodes about the history of Geralt of Rivia, according to have been confirmed by their creators.

After you have played Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones or to Anne Boleyn in The Tudor, had wanted to see Natalie Dormer in The Witcher. A information of Redanian Intelligence was placed on the set of the filming of the series in the past month of march, something that would practically made his move. However, Comicbook has managed to overturn the rumor by speaking with the creators of the series. Apparently, the british actress had only been visiting the place for the filming of the series from Netflix.

The disappointment in the fans The Witcher continues, as the 28th February confirmed the signing of Kim Bodnia for the series to interpret to Vesemir, it also had options to see Mark Hamill in the fiction that stars Henry Cavill.

Kim Bodnia joins the cast for a second season that will have quite a few new faces. Yasen Atour and Paul Bullion construed to Coën and Lambert, two warlocks that will help Geralt of Rivia, while Christopher Hivju, Tormund Matagigantes in Game of Thronesmake Nivellen. Carmel Laniado will join the cast for three episodes as Violet, a girl with a sadistic dark side, as well as we will see Mecia Simson, Thue Rasmussen, Aisha Fabienne and Agnes Bjorn.