they also take advantage of the quarantine and change of look


With 210 million followers, Cristiano Ronaldo will rape the head by a full can only trigger a cut mass of hair male. But the Portuguese star has not been the only one to be delivered to the razor. Another trend becoming more and more common in the ‘quarantine style’ is changing daily moustache or beard. If November has become the month of the mustache, can that march and April are the period ideal to experiment with the facial hair. Rafa Nadal it is the test.

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While the tennis player I had begun to let it grow timidly his beard in the last few months, it seemed like yours was nothing more than a beard of several days that he was missing plenty. But nothing like a few weeks in detention to put aside the razor and let that flourish a beard more dense.

First, Rafa left his campara freely down the neck. However, quarantine has become a period excuse to try new looks, and the tennis player became the of him in a beard bolt, in the style of swordsman. Defined, square-shaped, with a mustache and fly. The unexpected tournament between Rafa Nadal and his sister Maribelwe focus on the new look of the player.

Rafa Nadal a few months ago with a beard of a couple of days. (EFE)
Rafa Nadal a few months ago with a beard of a couple of days. (EFE)

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In addition to the daily modification of the beard or the mustache, we come to another of the changes of look that more force is taking in the social networks: raparse the head. And against this change of look of the hair, there is no turning back.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the latest to undergo the electric razor to become holder of a shaved headfulfilling, yes, fashion in Instagram, that those who hold the razor and design your new hairstyle to be your partner or your children. In the case of the Portuguese footballer, your hairdresser has been your partner, Georgina Rodriguez.

The moñete samurai from a few months ago lucy the star of the football (finally) has disappeared giving way to a shaved head to 2. The scenario, as it could not be of another way, it was his mansion, specifically one of their porches, surrounded by nature. Georgina to the razor and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. the camera. Nothing could go wrong. “Now do not think about it, let yourself go,” he was reassuring his bride, to which Cristiano Ronaldo responded by teaching the thumbs up.

But the fashion of raparse the head has also crossed the pond and, this time, Miley Cyrus was the one who stood at the controls of the electric razor… But no, not to cut the hair itself and end up like Britney Spears, but for rapar to his boyfriend, the model Cody Simpson.

Although we miss little that the singer began to plot drawings impossible and to leave your partner with a mane full of trasquilones, what is surprising is that Miley seemed to be pretty well used. The singer rush section-by-section, measuring and cutting carefully until, suddenly, Miley became a man with tattoos who finished the most difficult part of the court.

And finally, the winner of the Oscar for best screenplay, adapted by ‘Jo Jo Rabbit’, the new zealander Taika Waititithat it’s best acknowledge for having starred in a selfie with Sea Flowers. The director and screenwriter went to the garden of their house and let their two daughters, electric razor in hand, raparan complete your hair, until then a lush and unruly hair.

The trend seems clear, now it remains that the rest of the picture celeb male point to change your look every day.