Thus they pass the quarantine vegans of the football chilean


In simple words, vegan or vegan is the person who does not consume foods of animal origin such as meat, eggs, or honey. But it is also a way of life where cosmetics or other products tested on animals are out of use.

With the passing of the years, veganism has been installed with strength in society and in sport. And although it is in a initial stage, the medical studies that point to rapid recoveries after injuries and the wide awareness for those who live with us on the planet have motivated a radical change in the athletes.

They already did star as the pilot Lewis Hamilton, the players Héctor Bellerín, Alex Morgan, Jermaine Defoe and Sebastian Perez (who said that his departure from the Mouth was, in part, by being vegan), tennis players Venus Williams and Novak Djokovic, the short basketball player Kyrie Irving and the ultrafondista Fiona Oakes, a number of players of the football chilean pass the quarantine of the coronavirus under this system of power and tell him of your experiences.

The mexican Jorge Díaz Price of Everton note that “I did it for the animals, so violent is the production of these foods, in quotation marks, because it is not food. After I met over the issue and now I know that it brings many health benefits. I started about seven months ago and about three weeks ago I stopped all dairy and I plan to leave the egg, which obviously are cage free. I have had different diets, but what is most consumption are beans, garbanzo beans, sometimes tofu, and soy, rice, spinach and fruit. I feel lighter and helps me recover faster.”

The case of Andres Diaz of Ñublense yes that is to consider. The carne asada and the meetings around the fire are a tradition in football in the south american and the steering wheel had to stop being the protagonist. “We used to meet up with the colleagues every Wednesday and we would do a roast. I was barbecue of the team before being vegan. I’ve done a couple of roasts to the family, but I do not generates disgust to do it,” he says.

And then adds: “I Saw the documentary The Game Changers after a trip in the evening. Not pestañé. Caused Me to impact the benefits of eating plant-based, in terms of the strength, the power, the blood, the more to take care of the animals. Was the benefit sports that I could bring. I got to the house and did not want to eat meat… I End up dead the workouts, but I recover much faster. My colleagues told me that they were dead and I, as new. Much more agile and mentally more prepared.”

Matías Rubio is another who has experience as a vegan, one of the first in the local football. The front of Sports Recoleta it takes five years and is happy. “In 2015 I became a vegan and I went for a health issue, to feel better. Now I’m vegan for the animals and the planet, most of all. As well varied, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice, potato, quinoa… In football and my family had barbecues every week, but every time I started to feel better and have more energy, all passed for the jokes to me to ask about my food,” he confesses.

A similar situation is living in the present Luis Pedro Figueroa. The experienced right-hander, now in the Coquimbo Unido, is a complete transformation of your life. “Mine was only an option to see if my power was something going on that I wore in these years to have muscle injuries. All of this I tried it in pre-season, where I feel that does not affect me in my preparation. Not doing so 100% because they simply take it as an option… If I apply a biblical principle in the beginning of the creation of God, the men were fed only vegetables and legumes. But I repeat, this was always with a sense of seeking answers to my injuries,” he emphasizes.

One that I tried was Lucas Aveldaño, a former player of the U, the current defender of Deportes Iquique. “Before the documentary took two months of veganism. It has many benefits, quick recovery, uric acid from red meat harms you and the digestion is longer and takes you out energy. I improved my sleep, I felt lighter, muscularly I was fine, but I got tired. It is very difficult in that aspect. I was there for five months, that was my balance. Now I added the egg and consuming turkey, chicken, or fish, hormone-free. But hey, this way I don’t have to make a on effort”, explains the also entrepreneur gastronomic.

In this way, the reality of veganism in Chile begins to take force and in the future, why not, could even be a computer in this mode of life, as happens in England with Forest Green Rovers, a squad 100% vegan. The experiences and the motivations are varied, only time will tell if the players are leaving aside the grill and the proteins in animal-based.