To die of envy! The whim of Ariana Grande that cost $ 16 million


Ariana Grande it is one of the singers most talented and famous of recent times. For most shows is his work during the past year.

In 2019, Ariana starred in one of the tours most prolific of the history and reached to sell millions of records around the world

After your hard work, it is normal that the singer I would like to be their own luxuries without skimping on expenses.

The installation boot “Thank u, Next” he invested part of the fortune obtained in a penthouse dream located in New York.

The property of the actress it features a modern décor in white and black tones in addition to having multiple objects of ways risky and asymmetric.

The department of the the protagonist of “Victorious” it features its own indoor swimming-pool, a cinema room for 12 people, a spacious kitchen and one of the best views of the city.

But this penthouse is not the only property of the american star. Also owns a mansion in Los Angeles, where he spends most of the time. What a envy!