Tonya Harding, of villain of the skating worthy competitor in a particular reality cooking

Tonya Harding seeks revenge -and to gain the sympathy of the public – on a reality cooking unconventional Source: File

Considered in the decade of the 90 as

the woman most hated in the united States

the life of

Tonya Harding

it is so fascinating and tempestuous that Hollywood turned it into one of the biopics most celebrated of recent years. But now, this athlete is accused of paying a hitman to break the legs to their greatest competitor is writing a new chapter in his life, this time as the favorite on a reality show that rewards the worst cook.

At 49 years, the exdeportista is the unexpected surprise of

The worst chef: Celebrities

a cycle that Argentina puts on the screen the signal Discovery Home & Health in the different famous must make a meal in three steps and are judged by a panel of specialists. Even though he acknowledges that he never felt attracted to the culinary world, the blonde continues to make progress in each issue to the grand final.

Many believe that this participation can be achieved to change the perception of a large part of the american public towards it and take the focus of the scandal sport in which he was involved in 1993 and was revived with in 2018

the movie I, Tonya, director Craig Gillespie, who fascinated the critics and the public

and showed what a great actress is Margot Robbie, in a role totally unexpected, which earned him a nomination to the Oscar awards.

“I, Tonya”, the biopic of the skater


The tape focuses on the link of Tonya with her mother, LaVona Golden, who, from girl, the bullied, telling him “fat” and “unsuccessful” and that he always felt jealous of his daughter. In a house filled with violence and without respect for their individuality and wishes, for this child was born in Portland skating became a way of escape from the reality.

The blonde is obsessed with the sport and filled with guts and strength that was not of the alleged delicacy that this sport requires. Far from the parameters of beauty of their competitors, they had expensive costumes and elaborate makeup, Tonya and her bangs badly cut came in with arrogance by the back door. And surprised everyone when, in 1991, became the first american woman to execute a triple axel, that is, a jump with a rotation of three revolutions and a half.

This achievement earned him the national title of the best skater of the united States. But it soon had competition, Nancy Kerrigan, a young woman from Massachusetts who was serving with the decalogue of what is expected of a figure skater: fragile, slender and with an aura almost of a princess. The brands were fighting for auspiciarla and the media have not been slow to confront their styles, in a sort of fight between a swan and an ugly duckling.

Tonya Harding performs a triple axel at the track – Source: YouTube


In 1993, Nancy won her Tonya in the national competition of figure skating of the united States, obtaining the direct pass to the Olympic Winter Games of Lillehammer, in Norway. Days later, in the middle of a training in the preparing for this great moment, the young woman was surprised by a man who, without a word, the hit in the knees repeatedly with an iron bar before fleeing.

The images of the skater, crying in pain and wondering “why?” while his father was in arms to a clinic, they flooded the american media and they all started to have a suspicion of who could be behind the fact. When two days later the Police managed to apprehend the thug, left little doubt. It was Shawn Eckardt, nothing less than a friend of the husband of Tonya Harding. Before the Justice, he said that it had been she who had devised the coup.

In fact, the blonde seemed to benefit the most by the circumstances: completed classified for the Olympic Games of Lillehammer in the first place, leaving in second place to the wound, Nancy, and creating a new rivalry that was experienced in the training and in the same ice rink in Norway. The clash was followed by 50 million viewers in the united States and if a Ukrainian was left with the gold, Nancy won the silver medal. Tonya, for her part, ended up in eighth place, humiliated, and retired from the sport while always arguing that he was innocent, because they could not prove that she was aware of the assault.

Years later they learned chilling details that helped you understand the hell for the living. Your husband is not only exercised physical and psychological violence on Tonya, but also about her mother. And when she wanted to talk about this in the media, was raped by him and two friends. Devastated, he decided to ask for the divorce and the answer of her husband was sold to a pornographic magazine the sex tape of their wedding night.

Tonya Harding participated in Dancing with the stars in 2018
Tonya Harding participated in Dancing with the stars in 2018 Source: File

While Nancy Kerrigan became one of the comentadoras sport’s most famous ice-skating and he remains a beloved figure by the public, Tonya was expelled from the league, was locked up a long time and then he wrote his autobiography, trying to give his version of the facts. As the sport was his passion, he stepped fully into the boxing female, and achieved several victories.

Despite the fact that it was never condemned by the Justice, in the popular imagination american there is no doubt of his guilt: the athlete appears with an iron bar in the hands on an episode of

The Simpsons

and, in 2008, in full presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama denied that he was willing to attack a lot to your opponent. “I’m not going to do a Tonya Harding,” said the one who would be later president of the united States.

Now in

The worst chef: Celebrities

the time came to show another facet of the athlete. A facet that Tonya had already shown when two years ago it was part of a special edition with exdeportistas of

Dancing with the stars

the us version of the format “Dancing for a dream”.

“I was the best skater’s artistic world and I removed that achievement. It was not my career, it was my life. You forbade me to compete and I had to endure people who saw me as nothing, so much that I thought I was nothing”, said one night. But it was not good enough on the dance floor. Maybe in the kitchen can have his revenge.

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