Trump and Biden are still without concrete dialogue on the crisis of COVID-19


What rise Joe the phone? Do you accept Donald’s call? The republican president Trump and his likely opponent, democrat Biden made a joke and they fought once more on Monday on the possibility of dialogue on the crisis by the coronavirus, as announced last week.

The idea that the likely opponents in the November election, to exchange tips about the pandemic of the COVID-19 and appear united in the face of a nation divided and distressed has been in the environment for days.

Last week, Trump said that “he’d love to talk with Biden,” and added that “provided” it had seemed like “a good guy”. On Thursday, Biden said that he was “happy to know that attend to” your call.

But if Trump waited by the phone all weekend, he was disappointed. “What happened with that phone call that told the (media) of false news that he wanted me?”, tweeted Trump.

The president returned the combative tone with Biden, who tends to state that he is losing his mental faculties, and who he accuses of corruption and nicknamed “Joe’s Asleep.”

At the suggestion of Biden that the Democratic Party could hold its convention nomination for video conferencing, after a delay from July to August by the coronavirus, Trump hinted that Biden was dodging having to appear in public.

“Joe Biden wanted the Democratic National Convention was postponed. Now he wants a Convention ‘Virtual’, in that you do not have to be submitted. Gosh, I wonder why,” tweeted Trump.

“Mr. President, I hope that we can meet in (the convention in) Milwaukee, but that will depend on you to give a step forward and do what is necessary to manage this pandemic,” replied Biden on Twitter, including a link to their management proposals.

“Happy to talk at any time”, he added.

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