Tyler Perry paid the supermarket of more than 70 people of the third age by the crisis of the COVID-19


Buyers of 44 supermarkets in Atlanta, as well as 29 other stores Winn-Dixie in New Orleans, received a big surprise this week.

Wednesday when they made their purchases, on the schedule that corresponds to the people of the third age in the midst of this pandemic coronavirusthey were told that their purchases had already been paid.

It so was!!! When you get to the box instead of your account, the consumer received a paper that said “Random Act of Kindness” and the news that their supplies had been fully paid by the actor To Fall from Grace (2020), recorded by international media.

Spokespersons supermarkets confirmed the donations courtesy of the actor, originally from New Orleans.

Felix Turner, of Kroger, said: “We want to join our customers to thank Mr. Perry for his kindness and generosity during this pandemic.”

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“It was really a pleasure to see our customers be filled with joy and gratitude as the news spread through our 44 stores throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area,” Turner said.

In addition, the past weekend Perry gave $500 to each of the 42 employees at your favorite restaurant Houston’s, which have been out of work due to the containment of the pandemic.

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