unlock over 500 songs for free for a month


There are a few companies that are offering free games to help pass these times of quarantine and social isolation, but Ubisoft is definitely at the head of them. In the last month, we gave away titles like Child of Light and Rayman Legends. Now, if we are not going to give away Just Dance 2020, yes going to be given to those who have the game so many reasons to not stop dancing. More than 500 reasons.

From the 7th of April, Ubisoft is offering one month of free access to the service Just Dance Unlimited Just Dance 2020. This allows us to access hundreds of songs that have appeared in previous games of the franchise. It is perfect for making our own parties at home!

Just Dance unlimited
A classic that’s back to dancing.

Do you already have a subscription to Just Dance Unlimited? Not to worry, this offer is in addition to any subscription or free trial to this service on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or Google Stay. For some reason, this is not possible on PlayStation 4. We are very sorry.

Just Dance 2020 was released for multiple platforms in November 2019. Includes songs as popular as 7 Rings, Ariana Grande; Old Town Road, Lil Nas X; Kill this Loveof Blackpink; and Into the Unknownfrom the soundtrack of Frozen 2. The Unlimited service is an excellent option for those who love this title and want to dance without cease.

Source: Ubisoft