What is reconciled? Brad Pitt does the unthinkable with Angelina Jolie… Oh, Jennifer Aniston in flames!


It was 4 years ago when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie they decided to sign the divorce after a controversial union of the Church and a troubled marital life enough, was reviewed in the press. Along with the separation came also an avalanche of problems that until today still giving you what to talk about.

Since that time, Angelina gave start to a judgment against the actor to win full custody of their six children. However, this legal process will continue in force until now.

Although the relationship between Jolie and the star of “once Upon a time in Hollywood” not good at all, their children continue to form an important part in the life of both.

In context, some sources claim that the family’s problems started in 2013, when Pitt he had a strong discussion with Maddox, the eldest of their children. While there are some media who claim that the situation came to a physical violence, it is certain that the distance is now the most important factor of this affective bond.

When it went to mandatory quarantine, the film director he stayed with the kids while Brad fell again in a terrible depression by staying away from them.

In this sense, it was a few days ago when it leaked some pictures where you can see the the protagonist of “World War Z”while I was sharing a lunch together with Zahara and John, as he prefers to call it.

This photo caused immediately by the emotion of many of the admirers, to think that the american actor he had met with two of their children. However, this is simply a memory.