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To start one more week of confinement with the mind in shape is nothing better than a good plan cultural. And there remain many and fully accessible. You can see a work of theatre of the galician Cool, one of the best companies of Spain, the encounter with the work of the poet, Joan Margarit, or discover the key visual art of Robert Wilson. But, if what is needed is strength, after the applause toilets can be connected to the party that assembles DJ Nano.


Portraits with voice and soul. To say that the artist Robert Wilson features the head of Lady Gaga in a silver platter has nothing to do with the rhetoric. The creator and director of american theatre has been doing throughout the years a number of videorretratos that now makes available to the public through a virtual room. They are pieces featuring characters such as a ballerina of kabuki; a fox, a wolf and a sheep; and such figures as the american singer Lady Gaga, transformed into a peculiar transcript of San Juan Bautista (among several other characters mid-way between the pictorial and the digital as the Marat, which expires in the tub, Jacques-Louis David), and the actress Winona Ryder recreating a work of Samuel Beckett. In these works, the multidisciplinary artist questions and play with ideas such as the perception, the fiction, and subjectivity. When working with images in the video, Wilson puts in perspective concepts intimately related to performing arts, movement and stillness, sound and silence, the music and the voice, and the reconfigured and stretched to find accommodation in the field of the visual arts.


Strokes of heroines. The doctor. The nurse. The carabiniera. Or the truck driver. For decades, the Italian artist Milo Manara portraying the women in its pages, his cartoons and his comic strips. Although this time the images have little to do with the sensuality that the stroke is always recreates: what stands out is the beauty of courage. The creator has wished to pay homage with a series of drawings of the heroines who every day help the population to cope with the coronavirus and trying to overcome it. His works can be enjoyed in the profile of the Facebook of the artist, where also has posted a video, Coraggiothat can be a summary of these days. And an invitation for anyone to drop their guard.


The best of the Spanish scene. The galician Cool is one of the best companies of the Spanish scene. Winner of the National Prize of Theatre in 2014, with a career of over 30 years, his works have a strong social component and look directly to the contemporary reality. But they are also full of humour and surprise for your personal and unique style, the result of long processes of research. In this quarantine, you can discover some of his best works in his Vimeo channel. Among others: Citizen (2010), on the process of the growth of Inditex, and Eroski Paradise (2016), about the transformation of a ballroom called the Paradise in a supermarket Eroski. In galician, with Spanish subtitles. Your web page Redenasa it is a complete showcase of your work and your research work.


All the evening party with DJ Nano. From his house, with a table click where you see the cookie monster, a puppet of ET, a motorcycle helmet, a flag of Spain, where he has written his name… And what is his name. DJ Nano, already a veteran musician in madrid house. In the past few days, Jose Luis Garaña (his real name), 42 years, appear every day at 20.05 h. (after the applause to the toilets) to offer sessions of up to four hours to dance in the living room of the house. “For all the families affected, for the people who are at work, health, bodies of state security, army, trasportistas, supermarkets, pharmacies, cleaning, and for all of us, to stay at home,” before the start of the sessions. Another of these is devoted to those who work in IFEMA, these days, a huge field hospital and where the last December, when this madness was unthinkable, he played DJ Nano with 20,000 people. On Sunday, the producer from madrid rests. The rest of the day and until the duration of the alarm state, will be in your channel from Instagram clicking music to dance to.

THE COUNTRY remains in the house

Activities, plans and experiences in family or solo, to make bearable the confinement


Encounter with the poems of the Cervantes Prize. In 10 days, on the 23rd of April, was to be celebrated the delivery of the prize Cervantes 2019 poet Joan Margarit, the alarm state will not allow. From the Instituto Cervantes, however, have been put in place until April 15, a virtual club of his work, with selected poems from the anthology All the poems (1975-2015). To participate in the online readings it is necessary to be partner or registering on the e-library. The second half of April the own poet Margarit talk to you about your poems, and eventually you’ll find yourself with readers via chat on the 29th of April 14h.


Ecstasy. On the 7th of August, 1934, at the Venice film festival, there was an earthquake cinema: the director, czechoslovak Gustav Machatý premiered Ecstasystarring Hedwig Kiesler, which showed the first full nudity female film and reaching the orgasm in a sequence of sex. Despite these references, Ecstasy it is a film eminently a feminist: his protagonist, newly married with an old man, he discovers first the weakness of her husband. And, by this, seeks and finds a new partner, Adam, who also does not live a romance perfect. In the last Mostra is reestrenó a restored film of the versions French and anglo-saxon (it is not material in the original Czech). Ecstasy (who can be here the better part) turned to Hedwig Kiesler, with less than 20 years, an icon ies. Kiesler traveled to Hollywood to work with Louis B. Mayer, who changed the name to Hedy Lamarr. Became a star thanks to Samson and Delilah, Passion that redeems or The strange woman. But in addition to Lamarr lived another passion: that of the inventor. During the Second World War, created a system that prevented the germans to anticipate the trajectory of the torpedoes american. That invention was the basis of the bluetooth and the wifi.

Video games

The war of the geometry. Your trailer says “there are no allies, only pain”. A priori, it takes a lot of imagination to understand the message. Because what we see on the screen are simply several triangles colored to avoid a myriad of other small geometric figures. And, however, Gravity Wars it is one of those old video games they have been able to engage thousands of users, thanks to an idea as simple as addictive. And soon, in effect, everything becomes a war. Up to four players can be tackled online: each one puts you in control of a triangle, as if a space ship is involved, and tries to move forward while avoiding any obstacles that appear. At the same time, try to push your rivals to estrellen. Instant fun, and free: the game can be downloaded for computer without cost on the Steam platform.

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